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Thursday 26th March

Good morning Skylarks. (I have noticed an error - I should say 1/2 past 8 and not 6. The pressure of YouTube filming!)



Phonics (15 – 20 mins): Look at the attached PDF (Plurals: Nouns and Verbs Ending in Y) Discuss if the y follows a consonant, then change the y to i and add -es or  if the y follows a vowel, add -s.

Complete the sheet (either print off or write the words for your child to turn into plurals) I have attached the answers on page 2.

English (40 mins): Today you are going to write your own poem based on the same layout as Emma Dodd in her book, I Love Bugs!  Listen and read the poem again with me and then create your own poem.



Your poem can be based on animals or if you prefer, you can base it on anything that you love!  e.g.. sport, cars, superhero s etc.   

I love all bugs…

I love

I Love

I Love

I Love

I Love

Yes, I Love all bugs! Hop and fly and crawl bugs.

But the best bugs are ...

Learning: I can create my own descriptive poem based on the book -I Love Bug

Select the level of challenge Bronze, Silver or Gold. 


To create a poem through the careful choice of words using expanded noun phrases.

Bronze plus


To use alliteration and rhyme where possible to create powerful descriptions in my poem

Silver plus Gold

Use hyphens  and exclamation marks correctly in my writing.

Parent tips: Today is about generating ideas and experimenting with language. Tomorrow children will be encouraged to check their work for spellings, handwriting, grammar etc.

Maths: (15 mins warm up) Use these links to click on the level your child requires to practise

Parents: If your child needs to continue practising reading clocks to 5 minutes then repeat activities from yesterday. If your child is confident with this, then complete todays activities.

Look at this diagram and get your child to set their clock to the start time, count the time in 5 minute intervals until you reach the end time.


Today, work through the activities, starting with bronze can you go all the way up to gold?


Learning:  I know the duration of an event is how long an event has lasted.



Jack leaves school at quarter past 3.

He arrives home at five to 4.

How long was Jack’s journey?


Aimee is planning her birthday. She wants to plan something to do from 9am to 5pm.

Here are the things she wants to do:

• Visit the zoo (3 hours)

•Go to Pizza Palace (1 hour and a half)

• Have breakfast (half an hour)

• Play party games (1 hour)

• Watch a film (2 hours)

Create a timetable for Aimee’s day.


Monty has been enjoying the sunshine. Why don't you go and get some fresh air and exercise in your garden too?