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Thursday 23rd April

Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible this afternoon on our ZOOM catch up at 1.20pm. Have you got a piece of work or something you are proud of and you want to share it with your friends, if so remember to bring it along. 

Phonics: Have you logged into J2e and practised your spellings on spellblast yet? Today, try writing out your spellings  and then pick your favourite colour pencil/pen and trace over the vowels (a e i o u) using your coloured pencil/ pen. Count how many vowels are in each word. 

English:  The Magic Faraway Tree. Now that you have created a new land, and designed how you can reach it can you write a mini chapter about what happens in your land? If you created a character the other day then include them in your story. 

  • First write the name of your land (that will be the title of your story).
  • You can then write some sentences describing what it is like there.
  • Introduce a new character who lives in the land and explain what they do there. Are they kind or mean?

Bronze - Remember to write in full sentences with capital letters and full stops at the end of your sentences.

Silver - use expanded noun phrases 

gold - Can you include a simile in your description? 

Maths: How well did you do with measuring and reading a ruler yesterday? If you need more practise then click on this game.

Watch this clip about measuring in metres. Remember to pause and answer the questions when they are asked. 



Activity - Open the PDF document below for today's maths questions.

Weekly Art Activity: Some of you might have seen the art challenge from the Getty museum that went viral on the Internet recently.  The challenge was to recreate a piece of Artwork that you liked in any way you wanted to. For example: