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Thursday 23rd April

Hello Wrens

On our daily exercise we have noticed some painted rocks appearing around our village, often with rainbows or messages of hope and happiness on them.  On further investigation we discovered these were part of the Worcester Love on the Rocks group (check out their Facebook page).  We have really enjoyed spotting these rocks whilst out for walks, so Mickey Thompson and Purvis thought they would have a go at painting some of their own.


Mickey Thompson painted a cake on his!


Please see below for your daily phonics activities.


Yesterday we learnt to use a ruler to measure things in cm and we are going to continue practising this skill today.  Mickey T and Purvis have been having a go and have been very careful to put the 0 on the ruler by the end of the object.   

Reception and Year 1.

See if you can measure some objects using your ruler.  Your challenge is to measure some things which are shorter than 15cm and some which are longer than 15cm so you will have to do some estimating first.  There is a sheet attached below to help you.

Mickey T and Purvis decided to measure the sofa. This was much longer than their ruler so they decided to use a tape measure.  When we get to 100cm we call it 1 metre or 1m.   
The sofa was  1m   26cm  or   126cm   long.    

If  you have a tape measure try measuring some longer things - can you measure something that is 1 metre or longer.

Year 1.

Complete the maths challenge below.

Have fun measuring!

Mrs Lightfoot