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Thursday 21st May


Spellings:  Roll a dice and then use the number to read one of the words on the line. Cover up the word and spell it. If you are correct then claim the word. Who will claim the most words in your house? e.g. If I roll a 4. I look along the line with the number 4 at the start. I select a word and then say it, ' engagement' and then someone from the other team covers it up. I have a go at spelling it. If I am correct I score 1 point and either cross it out or cover it up with a counter. Have fun! 

Suffix words:

Common Exception Words:

English: Today we are going to be writing words in alphabetical order. To learn more about how to do this follow the link.

Task 1: Thinking about the story we have been reading this week. 

Task 2: Again, I have uploaded this as a document if you prefer to work off line. 

Maths: Using arrays. Watch the lesson and then select a level of activity to complete. We have learnt about arrays in school, what can you remember?



Bronze: If you have watched this lesson and still unsure about arrays then click on this link to learn more about arrays and complete the activities on the page -

Silver: Look at Monty. He has found some baby potatoes and an egg box to make up his own arrays. 

Can you make up some arrays and write the multiplication and repeated addition number sentences? Be careful to use the correct symbol for multiplication  X. 

Challenge - How many different arrays can you find with a total of 24?

Gold: Problem solving challenge. 

Weekly RE: The Wise Man and The Foolish Man. 

Listen to this song. 

This song is about a parable that Jesus told.  

Although the story focuses on building houses, we can link the choices the wise man and the foolish man made to the choices we can make about how we treat others and the values we live by. Remember that we have values in school that we try and practise, so our school is a happy place to be. 

Jesus was trying to show that if you build your life around Christian values you will have a strong, good foundations like rock to build on but if you choose to make more foolish choices, your life may not go the way you want it to and you may face more problems, therefore you will have weak foundations like those made from sand that collapse and wash away. 

Can you sort these words and values onto the house built by the wise man and the house made by the foolish man. You can talk about it if you would rather not print them out. 













Hard working 



Telling lies