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Thursday 16th July

English: Learn to finger spell

English is a little different today and hopefully it will be a lot of fun. Finger spelling is something that is used by deaf people to communicate. If a word doesn't have a specific 'sign' it is spelt out using finger signs. Every letter of the alphabet can be shown by using the fingers and hands. Take a look at the sheet attached to learn more about British Sign Language. The video below is a guide to go along with the sheet. Have fun! 

Can you-

a) finger spell your first name

b) finger spell your full name

c) finger spell your favourite food

d) finger spell a full sentence!




This is your last day completing consolidation tasks!

Miss Hughes’ group: L.O. To complete consolidation work on mass and capacity

Today’s task is covering our work on mass and capacity. It has been quite a while since you covered this in school. You will be answering questions on measuring and comparing mass and capacity and adding and subtracting mass and capacity. Remember, 1000g = 1 kg, 1000 ml = 1l


Mrs. Gregory & Mrs. Postlethwaite’s group: L.O. To complete consolidation work on position and direction

Today’s task is covering our work on position and direction. You will be answering questions on describing position, drawing and moving on a grid and describing movement on a grid, i.e. co-ordinates. Remember, you have to go into the lift before you can move up or down so the first number in a co-ordinate pair tells you how many across, the second number how many up. So, (3, 4) means 3 across and 4 up.



This is our last week of digital art. I hope you've enjoyed what I've asked you to do so far? For your last lesson we are being inspired by Pop Art. I really like this bright and colourful style, especially when the colours used clash and aren't colours you would usually put together. There is more information on the attached sheet to help you.

As I always say, be creative and have fun! You have shared some amazing art with me over the past few weeks so don't forget to do the same this week. I look forward to seeing your creations (je38).