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Thursday 14th May

Spellings: Yesterday you read a poem and filled in the missing words using your weekly spellings. Today, can you create your own rhyming poem using old, cold, told, gold and hold?

Suffix spellings:  Monty has drawn around one of his weekly spelling words to create a shape word. Can you make shape words for the rest of the weekly suffix spellings? mouthful, closeness, sadly, engagement and lifeless.

Now you understand shape words, have a go at Monty's challenge. Look carefully at the shape words and then match the shape word to your suffix spellings. I'll put the answers at the bottom of the page. 

English: How is your story? I'm looking forward to reading them all once you have finished. I can't wait to see how you have changed parts of the story and which steps you have kept the same. Hopefully you are writing some interesting sentences and maybe including a range of punctuation, adverbs, imperative verbs, prepositions or alliterations. 

Remember to give your story a title e.g. How to Wash a Smelly Monty.

You might want to look back at your work from last week to use for the different hairstyles when writing step seven.  Step Seven: Now for the really woolly bit. You're going to need some shampoo - not too much! 

Maths: To warm up your brains, play 'Hit the Button - Number bond game.' Select the appropriate level of challenge.

Today's activity: Can you solve this domino investigation?

Write the loop in your home learning book. 

Extra challenge

Weekly RE Activity:   The Parable of The Lost Sheep. 

Watch the following film:  What do you think are the messages from the parable? Do you think the shepherd did the right thing? Why? 

Download the PDF below. Can you colour, cut and stick the story in the correct order? 

Answers to Monty's quiz - a mouthful. b lifeless. c sadly. d closeness. e engagement