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Thursday 11th June

Spellings:  For All Skylarks

One of the common exception words is 'could'. Watch this silly video clip to learn a phrase which might help you to remember how to spell this word. 



 I have put a poster showing the phrase - oh you lucky duck, with a picture of a lucky duck.  Could you draw your own lucky duck and list other words with the spelling - ould ? 

English: Today I would like you to follow the activities on this bbc page as I am noticing many  Skylarks are getting their tenses mixed up. What are past, present and future tense?

Click on the link below to practise using the correct vocabulary when writing sentences in the past and present. We will look at future tomorrow. 

Click PAST TENSE to practise writing in the past tense. 

Click PRESENT TENSE to practise writing in the present tense.

Parents please note I have put the answers at the bottom of the page as a PDF.

Maths: Hopefully you had fun yesterday looking around your house for 2d shapes and you were able to use the correct name for the shapes. Today you are going to learn some new vocabulary - vertex and vertices

Either complete the Bronze or the Silver Activity. 

Bronze - Look at the shapes and complete the table. You will need to understand the word 'vertices'. Click here for Bronze sheet

Silver - You will have to use your knowledge of 2d shapes to complete the table and you will need to understand 'symmetry'. You may want to draw the shapes and fold the paper or use a mirror to see if a shape is symmetrical. 



Silver - Click here for Silver sheet

RE Weekly Activity: Click on the PDF below to see Mrs Postlethwaithe's lesson.