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Phonics and Reading

Please find attached below some phase 2 (single letter sounds) and phase 3 (digraphs) flash cards, a sound mat and letter formation guide to help you in your phonics activities.  Parents - all the activities below can be adapted for your child whether they are working on phase 2 or phase 3 sounds.

Day one.

Blending for reading.  

Log onto Phonics Play using the link below and select Flashcards time challenge game. You can either choose to play using Phase 2 or Phase 3 sounds.  How many sounds can you read in the time given?


Phonics play

Parents - this is a subscription site.  However, it is possible to sign up for a 14 day free trial.  Details of this are available on the home webpage.

Segmenting for spelling.

Quick write sounds.  Ask your adult to read out some sounds (either phase 2 or phase 3) depending on the level of your child.  Can you write down the sound?  For an extra challenge can you write a word containing that sound?

Day two.

Blending for reading.

Choose either the phase 3 yes-no questions powerpoint or the phase 2 loop cards (you will need to print these out) to have a go at and practise your blending skills.

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Segmenting for spelling.

Click on the Phonics play link below and select Space race. Choose either phase 2 or phase 3 to practise your segmenting skills.

Phonics play

Day three.

Click on the link for phonics play comics below.  This website is completely free! Select comics and then choose either a phase 2 or phase 3 comic to read.  Parents - you can choose a text that focuses on certain sounds if you child needs extra practise in some areas.

Phonics play comics

Printable version of the page

Segmenting for spelling.

Using either the phase 2 or phase 3 worksheets attached below, see if you can fill in the missing sounds.  Parents - there are several worksheets for phase 2.  Remember your child only needs to complete one or two.

Day four.

Blending for reading.

Blending for reading.

Have a game of Cross the River.  The cards are attached below. 

Crossing River Walking Stock Illustrations – 32 Crossing River Walking  Stock Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart - Dreamstime

You will need to make a "river" with some stepping stones.  For example the river could be your lounge carpet and the stepping stones could be cushions.  Start with just 2 stepping stones and extend as you become more confident.

You will need a Cross the River cards (attached below) and your phase 2 or phase 3 flashcards. 

Child "Please can I cross the river?"

Adult "Only if you have a word with the .......... sound in it" 

If you have the sound that your adult has just called out in one of your words you move to the first stepping stone.  If not you ask the question again,  Play continues until you have crossed the river using all the stepping stones.  Parents - try and see if your child can identify the correct letter on their card from listening to the phoneme.  If they find this difficult see if they can match the grapheme on the flashcard with one on their flashcard.

Segmenting for spelling.

Can you make your own Cross the River cards?   You can use either your phase 2 or phase 3 sounds to write some words on them.  Don't forget to use them in your Cross the River game.

Day five.

Blending for reading.

Log onto the Phonics Bloom website using the link below.  Select either Phase 2 or Phase 3 and try some of the free games to practise your blending skills.

Phonics Bloom

Review: Phonics Bloom – Special Educational Needs Resources Blog

Segmenting for spelling.

Have a go at the missing word activities attached below. There is a phase 2 or a phase 3 activity to have a go at.