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Phonics and Reading

Please find attached below some phase 2 (single letter sounds) flash cards, a sound mat and letter formation guide to help you in your phonics activities.  Parents - all the activities below can be adapted for your child whether they are recognising and writing single letter sounds or have progressed to reading and writing simple words.

Day one.

Blending for reading.  

Have a game of I spy using the attached sheet and flashcards.  Turn over each flashcard and say the sound. Then see if you can find one or more objects on the sheet starting with that sound.

CVC Words I Spy with My Little Eye Activity - Phase 2 I Spy With My Little

Segmenting for spelling.

Using the CVC picture cards attached below,ask your adult to hide a selection around the room.  Then go on a treasure hunt to find them.  As you find each one see if you can write either the initial letter or use your sound buttons to sound out and write the whole word.

Day two.

Blending for reading.

Using the matching word and picture cards attached below, have a game of pairs.  Can you read and match the words and pictures?

CVC Word and Picture Matching Cards (SB6490) - SparkleBox

Segmenting for spelling.

Have a go at some of the CVC writing activity sheets attached below.  Remember you do not have to complete them all - one or two is fine!

Day three.

Blending for reading.

Play read and race using your CVC word cards or your single letter sounds.  Have a stack of cards at one end of the room and race to fetch one.  Bring it back to your adult and read the word/sound.  How many can you do in 5 minutes?

Segmenting for spelling.

Have a go at the glue and stick activity attached below. There are 3 different levels to choose from.

whatever: two post!


Day four.

Blending for reading.

Log onto Phonics Play using the link below and select Phase 2 Dragons Den game. You can either choose to use all Phase 2 sounds or select individual sounds where you think you may need some more practice.  The object of the game is to read and sort the real and nonsense words.


Phonics play

Parents - this is a subscription site.  However, it is possible to sign up for a 14 day free trial.  Details of this are available on the home webpage.

Segmenting for spelling

Have a go at filling in the missing words using your knowledge of Phase 2 sounds on the sheets attached below.

Day five.

Blending for reading.

Can you read the captions on the attached caption powerpoint?   The captions on the last few slides are jumbled up for an extra challenge.

Letters and Sounds captions phase 2-3 | Jolly phonics, Phonics activities,  Jolly phonics activities

Segmenting for spelling.

Have a go at the Phase 2 caption writing sheets attached below.   Remember you only need to choose and complete one sheet so be careful before you print!   You can either write the initial sound of each picture, a word associated with the picture or challenge yourself and write a caption.