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Our classes

At Abberley Parochial Primary School, we normally have four classes. However, with use of the additional  funds from covid-19 and as a result of numbers in KS2, we are currently running five classes where our staffing levels allow for this. They are named after birds which you might see across the county. We believe that when school works closely with families to reinforce learning, the children learn best. 

Follow the links below to find out more information on the birds our classes are named after.

Wrens - This year Wrens class is made up of children in reception and year 1. During morning sessions, children learn communication, phonics, English and maths. During afternoon sessions our year one children focus on the foundation subjects of the KS1 curriculum and learn alongside our year 2 children.

Skylarks - Skylarks are our year 2 class. They are joined by year 1 for afternoon sessions in the foundation subjects.

Kingfishers - Kingfishers are our year 3 and 4 class.

Kestrels - Kestrels are our year 5 class. On occasions, they learn alongside year 6 in foundation subjects.

Merlins - Merlins are our year 6 class. On occasions, they learn alongside year 5 in the foundation subjects.