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Monday 8th June

Can you spot Monty? 


He has found his favourite quiet spot and is enjoying reading his book.  Can you find somewhere you like and read your favourite book? 

Spellings: Common Exception Words


Write out your new spellings to create ' Rainbow Words'. First write each word in pencil. Then trace over each letter three times. Each time you trace over the letter use a different colour. Trace neatly and you will see a rainbow! 

Maths:  Monday means TTRockstars Challenge.  How close was the battle last week with only 11 points difference! Challenge runs from 10am - 3pm. Good Luck all Skylarks.

Skylarks 1                                                                                     V                              Skylarks  2 

Arthur, Harrison, Katie, Eloise, Henry                                                          Jagger, Rosie, Oliver, Olivia, Jack E

Emile, Tilly, Georgia, Niamh, William and Jessie- Mai.                               Jack L, George, Quinn and Isaac.

If your TTRockstars questions are using the x5 multiplication tables then you might want to listen to this x5 Rap Song.

Over the past couple of weeks we have been learning about multiplication so today can you complete the relevant sessions in your mental arithmetic book.

Book 4 - Section 3  Session 1 & 2  Multiplication and Division

Book 5 - Section 3 Session 3 & 4 Multiplication Facts for 2s, 5s and 10s

Book 6 - Section 3 Session 3, 4 & 5 Multiplication Facts for 2s, 5s and 10s

English: Let's finish creating the poems. On Friday you created the first three verses, if you didn't do this click back on Friday's lesson first before completing verse four today. 

Read and look at how Kit wrote verse 4. He is describing the box.

Use the same sentence starters as Kit to write your last verse.  Use descriptive phrases to make your box sound really exciting and descriptive. Use the time today to play around with language and to re-read your verses from last Friday and make any changes. Tomorrow I will give you time to present your poem so it can be shared.

Science: Previously in Science lessons we have learnt about different habitats animals live in. I found this on the BBC website and I wondered how much you remember from your learning.