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Monday 6th July

Happy Monday Skylarks. This is going to be our last full week of online learning with individual subjects and spellings to learn. Next week our learning is going to be a little bit different as it is our last week of the Summer Term and our LAST online learning together. 

Spellings: During the year we have been learning to spell the 'Common Exception Words' for Year 2 and during the last few weeks we have been revisiting them to make sure we are more confident spelling them before moving in to Year 3. This week we are going to have a final practise spelling all of these words.

Activity: Download the PDF below and test yourself by looking at the word, spelling it out loud and if you spelt it correctly then colour in that section of the aeroplane.

Activity 2: Syllable Search Look at the whole common exception word list. How many words have one syllable? How many have two syllables? Write the words into two groups. Here is the whole list of words or you can download it as a PDF below.

English: Use today to check through your comic strip and make sure you are really happy with it. Click on this CHECKLIST POWERPOINT to see if you have missed anything and would like to add it to your comic strip. 

Once you are happy with your comic strip send it to me on J2E or if you are passing school and you want to post it through the letter box, as I am in school teaching Year 1 pupils this week. I am looking forward to reading these stories. 

Maths: Today is our last class TTRockStars Tournament so use your maths time today to answer some questions for your team. The tournament runs from 10am - 3pm. 

In your mental maths books if you have not completed the section on

book 6 - statistics pg. 44

book 5 and book 4  -   Check up 4 - Measurement, Geometry and Statistics

please complete these sections. If already completed then select a session you would like to try. 

RE Activity: Special Windows. See PDF below for lesson.