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Monday 6th July

Hello Wrens

I hope you enjoyed the weekend.  We had some birthdays to celebrate which made Mickey Thompson and Purvis very happy as they got to eat lots of cake.

This is going to be our last week of phonics activities so let's see how well we can remember all the things we have learnt.



This week we are going to be thinking about some of the consonant blends (2 letters making one sound) that come at the end of words, like lk, st, mp.

Let's warm up by practising some of the blends we have already learnt with Mr Thorne and Geraldine.



Today our sound is going to mp.   This sound is found at the end of words.  Can you see what Mickey Thompson and Purvis found on their trip around the house that ends with the mp sound?

Can you have a go at writing the word?  Can you think of anything else they might have found?

Blending for reading - Print off and have a go at the read and roll game below. How many mp words can you read in 5 minutes?

Segmenting for spelling - Have a look at the picture below.  Can you write the caption? The chimp jumps in the trees.

Chimpanzee Jump Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Year 1.

Last week we were learning about the soft c and soft g which sound different when we pronounce them in words.  Let's warm up by recapping on the soft g sound with Geraldine and Mr Thorne.



Blending for reading - Click on the link below to play a game of Odd and Blob practising all your Phase 5 sounds.

Segmenting for spelling - Let's see how well you know your phase 5 sounds.  Using the sheet below, have a go at writing some words using your phase 5 sounds.  For an extra challenge see if you can use your words in some silly sentences.



This week we are going to be revisiting some of the topics we have looked at in maths this year.  Our first topic is going to be pattern.

Click on the pattern powerpoint below to find out a bit more about patterns. 

Can you think of some things around us that have patterns?

Today we are going to be thinking about repeating patterns.  They are patterns which do the same thing over and over again. 

Can you see the repeating pattern Mickey Thompson and Purvis have made?

What would come next in the pattern?

Now have a look at the curly caterpillar powerpoint below. 

Can you work out what would come next in the repeating patterns?

Now it's your turn.  See if you can find some resources around your home or school to make a repeating pattern.

Can you challenge yourself?

  •   Can you make a repeating pattern with different colours?
  •   Can you make a repeating pattern with different objects?
  •   Can you make a repeating pattern with different sizes?

Year 1.

We are going to continue our work on subtraction which we started last week.  Let's warm up with a game of Minus Mission.

Minus Mission

Now work through the powerpoint below which looks at different ways of presenting subtraction.

Once you have done that choose one of the 3 levels of fluency sheets to have a go at and also an extra challenge question.


This week in our topic work we are going to be doing some RE and learning a little bit about the Jewish faith.  As we have discussed before, RE is about what different people believe.   People in the Jewish faith believe in God and the Old Testament (the part before Jesus was born) in the Bible. Jesus is not an important person in their faith and as a result of this they do not celebrate Christmas and Easter like Christians.  They have different festivals and celebrations.

The BBC bitesize webpage below, provides a good introduction to the Jewish faith.

BBC bitesize Judaism

There is a craft activity below to make a Star of David if you would like to have a go.

Best wishes

Mrs Lightfoot (and Purvis and Mickey Thompson)