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Monday 4th May

Happy Monday Skylarks. 

During your time at home I wonder if any of you have managed to learn or be interested in something new. Perhaps a new hobby or an interest in something you didn't realise you liked doing. Monty has been having fun learning how to play the drums!

Why don't you try something new today that you haven't done before? 

Spellings: Continuing on from the last couple of weeks (please look back at Monday 20th April if you missed my message about spellings for this term) here are the 5 common exception words.

Write out these sentences and fill in the missing word from your spellings. Remember to practise your handwriting when writing out these sentences. 

Extra Suffix spellings:  

Read and learn how to use the suffix -ful and -ness

Click this link to decide which game you would like to play to practise - ful and - ness spelling words.

All spellings are shared on Spellblast on J2E for you to practise during the week. 

English: Prepositions are words that give precise details about where or when something should happen. Watch this BBC Bite size clip to learn more about prepositions

Activity:  A Woolly Mammoth's Guide to Cleaning. Using this list of prepositions and looking at the image showing the different cleaning products, how many different sentences can you create about washing the woolly mammoth which include a preposition so you can be really precise about how they will be used? For example, The meadow fresh fragrance is for rubbing behind his ears . 

Maths: Who will be the top players in the Boys V Girls TT Rockstars challenge today? The tournament will run as normal from 10 am - 3pm. 

Complete  Session 1 Section 6 and 7 of your mental arithmetic book.  

If you have a multiplication you are finding difficult then use the link below to click on the times table and listen to the song.

History: In school we have learnt about Neil Armstrong and thought about how he demonstrated our Abberley value of courage. BBC Bite size have a lesson about Neil Armstrong so I thought you might like to see what you can remember about this courageous famous person.