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Monday 30th March

Hello Wrens

Please find attached your phonics activities for today.  See if you can spot Purvis and Mickey Thompson helping you out.


In Maths this week we are learning all about money!piggy-bank-money-savings-financial-economy-success | JP & Brimelow


Ask your grown up if you can have some change from their purse or empty your piggy bank if you have one. Have a good look at the coins. 

What can you spot that is the same about them? 

What can you spot that is different?

Are they all the same size, shape, colour?

Do you know the name of the shapes of the coins?

What pictures can you see on them?

Can you have a go at sorting your coins? 

Purvis and Mickey Thompson had a go.  Purvis sorted his by type of coin. 

Mickey Thompson made a tower out of his!

How many pennies is each coin worth?

Can you order them by value?

Have a go at either drawing round your coins or making rubbings of them and labelling them.

As an extra challenge - can you work out how much money you have got altogether?

Year 1 have a go at writing the addition number sentence in your home learning books.

Best wishes

Mrs Lightfoot