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Monday 30th March


Please note, I am now including the answers to the maths so that you can mark your child's work. It would be great if you could go through the answers together as this will help to reinforce  your child's learning. 

Miss Hughes’ group – L.O. I can identify and count in tenths

Today you are going to explore what a tenth is. How many parts do you think a whole is divided by to make a tenth? In what different ways could you show this? Follow the link below. The link opens up to 'Week 2' so please make sure you click 'Week 1' where you will find the video for this lesson. Watch the video titled 'Lesson 3 - Tenths'.

I have attached Bronze, Silver and Gold activities for today. Please remember, you don’t have to do all levels! Pick the one you feel most confident with and ,if you complete this, maybe challenge yourself with the next level up.


Mrs. Gregory & Mrs. Postlethwaite’s group – L.O. I can use a place value grid to show tenths

Huge apologies - the original sheet attached to this page was the wrong one! I have now replaced it with the one that actually goes with today's learning. 

Today you are going to show tenths using a place value grid. We have used these before lots of times, so you know how clear they make numbers to read. Follow the link below. The link opens up to 'Week 2' so please make sure you click 'Week 1' where you will find the video for this lesson. Watch the video titled 'Lesson 1 - Tenths on a place value grid'.

I have attached one sheet for today that everyone will do. This will help make sure everyone is happy and understands how tenths are written as decimals.

English- LO: I can create a recipe

Good morning! I hope you all have had a nice weekend! 

This week, English is a little different and attached to this page is a workbook which is for the whole week. Each page is labelled with the day of which it needs to be complete, but as it is a process, I thought it would be easier for you to see what was planned and to 'plan ahead' as a family. 

I had a long think to how I could make the learning a) fun, b) challenging and c) something we could benefit from and share. So.. My idea is this- we create a recipe book, filled with amazing recipes that have come from home, some of your favourite dishes whether that is a pudding or a savoury dish, and share them with each other, staying connected and enjoying some tasty treats. 

The workbook is there to help and guide you with how to write a recipe, looking at different recipes online, and lots of other things. 

Today's task is to remind ourselves of 'imperative verbs'! Only complete ONE of the pages, but feel free to read the whole booklet! 


Miss Hughes 

Music: LO: To understand rhythm. 

Miss Hughes: Today you will be having a music lesson with Myleene Klass. 

Children: Who is Myleene Klass? We've never heard of her! 

Miss Hughes: Does anyone here remember 'Hear'Say'? The band formed from the TV show 'PopStars'. 

Children: **All looking blankly**

Miss Hughes: **Realises she is old and these children were not around in 2001**



Well.. Here she is- Myleene is a fantasic singer and pianist, I learnt a lot from this video about reading music. I know you're all familiar with crochets and quavers from your music lessons and ukulele classes, but have a go at this, I learnt a lot!