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Monday 30th March

Happy Monday Morning Skylarks. I hope you all have had an enjoyable weekend. I had a wonderful time reading all of your, 'I Love Bugs!' poems. Wow, they were fantastic! Next time you log into J2E you can read my comments. Click onto the speech bubble at the top of your saved work to read my feedback.

Well done to everyone, a super first week of home learning. If you click on the link at the bottom of the page then you will be able to read your friends' poems too. 

As this would have been the last week of the school term before breaking up for the Easter Holidays, our theme this week is going to be Easter. Learning activities are going to have an Easter link.

Weekly Spellings:  Read the spellings together, clapping and counting the syllables. Write the words in your learning book – choose a different coloured pencil to write the different syllables. How is the 'shun' sound spelt? 

Spellings 30th March


'shun' sound but spelt ‘tion’

  1. station
  2. fiction
  3. nation
  4. fraction
  5. section
  6. action

Challenge words

7. education

8. foundation

9. competition

10. direction

11. operation

12. solution


I have uploaded the words onto J2e if you want to practise them using the computer. Well done to the children who did this last week. I saw improvements in the percentages that you got correct each time you practised them. I have put some instructions below if you are unsure how to access 'spell blast.'

English: I want you to teach your parents the Kung Fu Punctuation moves. Watch the clip below to remind yourself of the moves, then you can become the 'teacher' and lead the drill! 



As the learning theme is Easter, and at Easter lots of people enjoy going on Easter Egg Hunts, today your challenge is to create a treasure hunt for your family. You are going to use your knowledge of writing question sentences using question marks and then use the clues to create your own treasure hunt. Watch Monty and Elliot to see how they got on with my treasure hunt! 



Have fun and remember to write a question mark (?) at the end of your sentence.

Maths: Normally on a Monday we do ' Big Maths,' so today I would like you to complete Session 1 Section 1 of your Mental Arithmetic book. Please ask an adult to mark your work and then colour in the grid to show which questions you got correct.

I will also set up a 'TTRockstars' challenge - Boys V Girls. The challenge will run from 10am until 3pm. This will give you plenty of time to allocate some of your day to join in this class challenge. I will post information about the winners tomorrow. Good luck. 

Monty wanted to remind you to make sure you are regularly washing your hands. Below Monty is washing his hands after completing his treasure hunt.