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Monday 29th June

Hello Wrens

I hope you had a lovely weekend and managed to dodge the showers.  I loved looking at your fantastic Superhero ideas on Friday and this week we are going to be doing things a little bit differently and using those ideas to create our own Superhero story.


So today we are going to come up with our ideas for our superhero story.  We already have our characters that we created on Friday so now we have decide what is going to happen in our story. 

Maybe you are looking for someone in danger so you can help them?

Perhaps you are searching for some secret treasure?

Are you chasing an evil criminal mastermind?

Once you have your idea we now need to draw our story map just like we did for our beanstalk stories.     Remember when we draw our story map we should have 4 or 5 pictures of what is going to happen in our story.

Look at the one Mickey Thompson and Purvis have created.  Can you work out what is happening in the story?

You might like to add some labels to your story map to help you when you come to write your story.  For example, if you have a villain you might want to give him a name or if you are looking for treasure you need to decide what sort of treasure it is.

The villain in Purvis and Mickey Thompson's story is called Creepy McClaws  and he is trying to cover the world in pink custard!



Last week we were learning all about number bonds.  Let's see how much we can remember with a game of Save the whale.

Save the Whale

This week we are going to be looking at take away or subtraction number sentences.  In subtraction we always start with the biggest number and take some things away to end up with a smaller number.  The subtraction sign looks like this  -

For example.

Mickey Thompson had 5 biscuits - He ate 3 of them.  Now Mickey Thompson has 2 biscuits left.

5  -  3  =  2





Now try this one.  Purvis has 7 pens.  He lends 2 pens to Mickey Thompson. How many pens does Purvis have left?

Can you write the number sentence?


Purvis has 10 grapes.  He gives 7 to Ortrud.  How many grapes does Purvis have left?







A really good way to practising subtraction is to play skittles.   Set up your skittles (this is the first number in your number sentence).  Then roll a ball and see how many you can knock down (this is the second number in your number sentence).  How many skittles have you got left standing?

Alternatively have a go at the subtraction sheet attached below.  Parents - there are 3 different sheets that get progressively harder. Please be aware when printing that the answers are included.

Year 1.

Let's warm up by practising our number bonds to 20 with a game of Hit the button.

Hit the button

Today we are going to be using our knowledge of number bonds to look at another strategy for addition - add by making 10 - click on the video below to find out more.



This can be quite tricky to grasp, so if you need some extra practise have a look at the BBC website using the link below.

BBC bitesize - adding by making 10.

Once you are feeling confident have a go at the activity sheet attached below. There is only one level today.


This week we are going to be continuing with our science work about our bodies and learning about the senses.

Do you know what the senses are?  Do you know how many senses we have?

Watch the video below to find out a bit more about our senses.



That's right our senses help us to find out about (sense) the world around us and we have 5 different senses.

Each day this week we are going to be finding out a bit more about a different sense.   We are going to be doing some activities associated with that sense. 

As a superhero our senses are very important.  We are going to be using what we find out about our senses to write our very own superhero story starring you as the superhero based on the superhero you designed last week.  Don't worry Mickey Thompson and Purvis will show you how.

But first of all let's find out about today's sense.


Today we are going to be looking at the sense of sight.  What part of the body do we use to see?  That's right your eyes.

 Children's Eyes Stock Photo - Alamy

Close your eyes for a minute and imagine you can't see.  We call this being blind.  It would make life very difficult. 

Can you think of what it would be tricky to do if you couldn't see?

Could you play football?   Could you cross the road safely?  Could you eat your dinner?

Kids play football. Child at soccer field. Kids play football on ...   13 Important Road Safety Rules To Teach Your ChildrenBest Dinnertime Rules for Kids

Our sense of sight is amazing.  Have a go at some of the activities below which are all associated with our sense of sight.

  • Have a go at a spotter sheet.  There is one attached below.  Can you use your sense of sight to find all the items?
  • Play hide and seek - either with a toy or with people.  Could you find things without your sense of sight?
  • Go for a blindfold walk.  Shut your eyes or wear a blindfold and ask someone you trust to take you on a walk somewhere you know well.  Do you know where you are without being able to see?  If you are the person leading can you be the other person's "eyes" by describing what you can see?
  • Draw a picture blindfold.  Put on a blindfold and ask someone to describe a picture and have a go at drawing it.  Take off your blindfold - what does it look like?  Now have a go at drawing the same picture without your blindfold on.  Do your pictures look very different?
  • Visit the Guide dogs for the blind website and use their resources to find out about the amazing work guide dogs do to help people who are blind.
  • Guide Dogs for the Blind Learning Resource
  • Guide Dogs Training Schools Across The UK | Guide Dogs

Have fun!

Best wishes

Mrs Lightfoot (and Purvis and Mickey Thompson)