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Monday 27th April

Well done Skylarks for all the fabulous Science, Art and English work from last week. I am really impressed with your stories. Also, what super creative art work you have recreated. It is lovely to see so many of you planting plants in your gardens and while on walks you are identifying different plants and trees. I will find a way to share some of this excellent work with everyone later this week. 

Learning for today. Continuing on from last week (please look back at Monday 2oth April if you missed my message about spellings for this term) here are the 5 common exception words.

Extra Suffix spellings

To start learning your spellings have a go at completing this crossword. Read the clues and draw the answer grid in your home learning book.

Phonics: The possessive apostrophe. This week we are going to learn how to use an apostrophe to show possession. We have learnt that an apostrophe can show where letters are missing (contraction) e.g can’t, don’t. How many different words can you write that use an apostrophe for contraction?

The possessive apostrophe 



Activity – Look at the picture of Monty. He has collected some items which belong to him.

To write this I would write.

Monty’s glasses

Monty’s purse

Monty’s bananas

Monty’s shuttlecocks

Can you go on a hunt around your house and find some items that belong to different members of your family and then write the object using an apostrophe for possession.

Extra challenge – Can you put the objects into a sentence? Remember to use capital letters and full stops. Can you use a question mark?

English: I have read some amazing stories over the weekend about your adventures in the magic faraway tree so today I would like you to sit back and enjoy listening to Enid Blyton’s story and then afterwards draw a picture to show your favourite part of the story and tell me why?

Extra challenge – Have you read any other stories which have something in common with this story? Similar plot, characters etc If so, write a paragraph to explain what is similar.



Maths:  Today is Monday which means we have our weekly TTRockstars battle (Boys V Girls). As normal this will run between 10am and 3pm. Also, please complete Session 1 Section 4 and 5 of your mental arithmetic book.  

If you have a multiplication you are finding difficult then use the link below to click on the times table and listen to the song.

If you did not have chance to complete the  weekly Art, RE, Science from last week then use the rest of your learning time today to catch up in these subjects.