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Monday 27th April

English: LO: To create a haiku poem based on 'The Bad Beginning'

At the bottom of this page, you will find the link to today's work booklet and all the information you will need to complete the next few activities linked to our story. 

Lots of you have commented on j2e how much you are enjoying the story and I am really glad. 

Today you need to listen to chapter 6 & 7 and here are the links:      Chapter 6    Chapter 7

Please remember that at the bottom of this page is the text that you can read along with if you like to do that, if not just listen along. 



Miss Hughes’ group – L.O. To find fractions of amounts

We are carrying on with finding fractions of amounts today, but now you are going to be using fractions where the numerator (top number) is going to be larger than 1. For example, 2/3 means dividing the whole into 3 equal parts, then counting the amount in 2 of these parts.

2/3 of 12:  12÷3=4, this is 1/3.  2x4=8, this is 2/3.

Watch the video below and then try the attached activity sheet




Mrs. Gregory & Mrs. Postlethwaite’s group – L.O. To place hundredths on a place value grid

We are continuing with hundredths today and are once again using place value grids to help your learning. It is so important that you know how to label the place value columns to the right of the decimal point and understand the value of any digits in each of those columns.

Watch the video linked below and then try the attached activity sheet.




Art: LO: To enjoy some drawing with Rob Biddulph

I know how much you have all been enjoying the drawing activities with Rob Biddulph on YouTube, so here is another- this time a Peacock, I really like the rainbow feathers. It might be nice to put these up in your windows when you've finished?