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Monday 20th April

Hello Everyone, 

Welcome back to online learning! We hope you had a very enjoyable Easter break and got to enjoy this time with your families. The weather was lovely for the majority so being able to enjoy some time in the garden was lovely. We hear a few of you have finished your 'Home Learning Books' and may need a new one, these are available to pick up at school, they will be outside the office door, if you can't make it to school, just use the paper you have at home. Also it's worth noting you could always complete your work using j2e.

Now is the time to pick up where we left off 2 weeks ago and work hard to keep our brains working and learning. So grab that pencil, put on a smile and let's get going! 

We hope to see you soon,

Miss Hughes, Mrs Gregory & Mrs Postlethwaite :-) 

English: LO: To predict what may happen in the story and to understand new vocabulary.

Before half-term, you may remember that you had the chance to vote on our new class reading book. The results were in favour of Lemony Snicket's 'A Series of Unfortunate Events- A Bad Beginning'. This is a story that was read to me by my Year 3 teacher almost 20 years ago and I loved it- so I hope you do too. Over the next few weeks most of your English tasks will be based on this book, which I hope you're excited about. 

Today's task will be found attached at the bottom of this page. You don't have to do any reading/listening to the story today- you've got to switch on your brains and do some 'predicting and guessing'. If you already know the story- try to think outside the box. 



Please note, I am now including the answers to the maths so that you can mark your child's work. It would be great if you could go through the answers together as this will help to reinforce your child's learning.


Miss Hughes’ group – L.O. To write tenths as decimals

Today you will be continuing to develop your knowledge of tenths and will be writing them as decimals. Using your place value columns is essential to being able to do this. Look carefully at where the tenths column goes on the place value grid and don’t forget to put in the decimal point! This doesn’t count as a place value column but you always need to include the decimal point. When you find out which place value column is for tenths, write 1/10 as the heading for that column, that way it will help get that into your heads. Watch the video linked below then complete the activity sheet attached. Remember, we’re using Week 1 Lesson 5.

Video lesson


Mrs. Gregory & Mrs. Postlethwaite’s group – L.O. To divide 2-digit numbers by 10

Hopefully you will remember that just before the holidays you were dividing 1-digit numbers by 10. Can you remember the rule as to what to do? How do the digits move? Remember to have a place value grid and some counters handy so you can remind yourself how to do this.

Now you are moving on to dividing 2-digit numbers by 10. Do you think the same rule will apply? When we divide by 10, the number is being split into 10 equal pieces and is 10 times smaller. Put counters on the place value grid and look at how they move when you divide by 10. Do this a few times and look carefully at how the counters are moving. Watch the video linked below then complete the activity sheet attached. Remember, we’re using Week 2 Lesson 1.

Video lesson


PE: LO: To keep fit with Joe Wicks

What I have realised over the past few weeks is that exercise is so important to keeping a happy and healthy mind. So from now on I will be attaching PE with Joe for every day. It's something I have really enjoyed doing as well as getting out for walk.  Click this link to enjoy today's PE with Joe. 



Art: LO: TO create a self portrait.

The one thing we are missing the most as teachers is seeing your happy faces every morning so during today's art activity you're going to draw a picture of yourself- with the help of our new favourite illustrator- Rob Biddulph. 

Your Gregosaurus and alien pictures were so fantastic we can't wait to see your self portraits. Use this video to help you create your drawing.