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Monday 20th April

Hope you have had a wonderful Easter and ready for learning. I can't believe it is the Summer Term already and this is only day 11 of home learning! As you can see from the picture below, Monty has had a lovely time relaxing and eating his Easter egg whilst watching the fish swim past in his garden pond. 

Today, as the first day of term we are going to practise some spellings, learn about a new homophone and practise our multiplication facts. This will hopefully ease us all back into a learning routine.

Spellings: During the Summer Term I like to revisit and make sure Year 2 children are confident at spelling the 'common exception words' in preparation for their learning in Year 3.  Therefore each week I will list 5 of these words and provide some activities to practise them. To assist with this learning, if you see your child spelling any of these words incorrectly in their writing then please ask them to look at their spelling list and see if they can identify their error, cross it out and rewrite the correct spelling.  I am aware that some Skylarks are already very efficient at spelling these common exception words and therefore I will list words with suffixes to learn as an alternative. As a parent you can decide which spellings are appropriate. All spellings will be added to the J2e spell blast. 

In addition to this, I will continue with our phonics programme to make sure we cover all the rules required for Year 2 and these words will be added to the weekly list.

Monday 20th April

Common exception words






Phonics - homophones




Extra suffix spellings -ful -ness -ly -ment -less

Phonics Activity:

1. Spend some time today writing the spellings into your spelling book, then look, cover, write and check them.  If you have the game 'Scrabble' you could use the tiles to spell out the words and for an extra challenge, calculate how many points you would score for each word. 

2. Copy the sentences below and fill in the missing word from your weekly spellings. Remember to use capital letters and full stops.

3. Look at the word search and see if you can find the words. Find the words on the screen and then run your finger across the words to show an adult you have found them.

English Activity: To learn which homophone (their, there, they're) to use in your writing. Watch this clip to learn the differences and then have a go at completing the missing words in the attached sheet. Either print it off or read the sentences on the screen and then write the missing word in your learning book. 



Maths Normally on a Monday we do ' Big Maths' and also sing and march along to the timetable song  (Table Troopers) to practise our multiplication facts.  To continue with this at home, I would like you to complete  Section 1 Session 2 and 3 of your Mental Arithmetic book,  and like Big Maths see if you can improve on your score from last week. Please ask an adult to mark your work and then colour in the grid to show which questions you got correct.

I will also set up a 'TTRockstars' challenge - Boys V Girls. The challenge will run from 10am until 3pm. This will give you plenty of time to allocate some of your day to join in this class challenge. I will post information about the winners tomorrow. Good luck.  Well done to the boys for winning last week. Will the girls win the challenge this week? Come on girls! 

Maths physical activity: Monty played on the monkey bars and counted in groups every time he moved to a different bar. Why don't you try practising your multiplication tables by completing one of the activities below.

1. Stepping up your stairs and counting each time you move  to a new step.

2. Swing on your swing and count each time you swing forward.

3. Skip around your garden and count on each new step.

4. Bounce or kick a ball and every new time you touch the ball count on.

5. Be creative and think of your own.

6. If you prefer singing and dancing you could click on the link below and then select the timetable you want to practise. Happy singing and dancing.

7. I have attached a missing multiplication sheet below for an extra challenge.