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Monday 20th April

Hello Wrens


Please find below your phonics activities for today.  


For the next couple of weeks our topic in Maths is going to be measure.

Purvis and Mickey Thompson had a look around the house to see what they could find to do with measuring.  Here are some of the things they found.  Can you see what they are?  


What measuring things can you find in your house?

This week we are going to be looking at measuring how tall/small and long/short things are.

Today's challenge is to order some things by size and write some sentences about them using words like taller than and shorter than.

Ortrud is taller than Purvis.

Mickey Thompson is shorter than Ortrud.

Please complete the appropriate Year 1 or Reception sheet below. 


Please find attached some size ordering cut and stick activity sheets.  You can choose from 3 items or 4 items to order.  There are lots of different choices for each one so please choose your favourite.

(Teaching point - you can make this more challenging for your child by asking them to colour things differently according to their size, e.g. Can you put some red apples on the tallest tree? Can you give the middle sized lion some blue stripes?)

Year 1.

Have a look at the challenge questions on the sheet below.

Have fun!

Mrs Lightfoot