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Monday 18th May

Hello Wrens    

This week we are going to be doing some RE and learning some stories from different religions.  When we study RE in school we always discuss at the start of the lesson that RE means Religious Education which means learning about what people believe in.  We talk about how people have different ideas of what God is like and that is okay.  We learn about how people show their different beliefs in their celebrations, stories, clothes and places of worship.  The powerpoint attached below gives a little bit more information about different beliefs.

We know that the Christians have a special book which teaches us about God and Jesus called the Bible.  Other religions have special books too.  Maybe you spotted some of them on the powerpoint. 

They are called

      Islam - The QuranThe Bible is Inspired ... And so are other religious writings ...

      Hinduism - The Vedas

      Buddhism - Tripitaka (Pali Canon)

      Sikhism - Guru Granth Sahib

      Judaism - The Torah

This week we are going to be listening to some of the stories from these books and thinking about what they are teaching us.


I really enjoyed seeing some of the fantastic lands you created at the top of the beanstalk last week. This week we are going to be imagining about what sort of characters we might meet in those lands.  So we are going to start by doing some thinking.  The questions below will help you.

What is your character?  Are they a person or maybe an animal?  Perhaps they are a giant or a mermaid or a dragon.  It's up to you.

What do they look like on the outside?  Are they big or small?  What colour are they?  Do they wear clothes?

What are they like on the inside?  Are they grumpy and mean like the giant in Jack and the Beanstalk or are they kind?  We did say Jack and Giant should have made friends!

Can they do anything special?  Can they fly or tap dance?  Do they talk? 

Now it's time to get creating.  On a large sheet of paper I would like you to draw your character and then add some labels to describe them using the ideas above.  Don't forget your adjectives!

Mickey Thompson and Purvis came up with a giant gingerbread man to go in Mickey Thompson's Candy Land.  

Make sure you keep hold of your paper because we are going to be using our characters to plan our beanstalk story tomorrow.


This week in maths we are going to be thinking about sharing.  The maths name for this is division.

Take a look at the video below.  Can you work out what Elmo should do to solve his cookie problem?



Did you work out that Elmo could share his 2 cookies between 2 so they both had 1 cookie?   We call this sharing equally.  When we can share a number equally it is fair because everyone has the same amount.

It wasn't so easy for Cookie Monster to share one cookie equally between 2.  He had to break it to share it.

Let's explore this a bit more.


Mickey Thompson and Purivs have some challenges for you. They would like to share their  cookies equally between the 2 of them so it is fair and they both have an equal number.  Can they do it?












Parents - It might help if you have 2 plates and some objects to help you solve these problems.

Extra challenge - Can you spot a pattern in which numbers can be shared equally between 2?   Could Mickey Thompson and Purvis share 7 cookies equally?  What about 10 cookies?  What would happen if you used bigger numbers?

Year 1.

Mickey Thompson and Purvis have 8 cars and would like to share them.   They each take a car until there are no more leftThey have shared the cars between 2 mice.  They each now have an equal number of cars.  They have 4 cars each. 

We can write this as a number sentence.

8 cars  divided (shared) by 2  = 4 cars each

8   ÷   2  =  4
÷  symbol means divided (shared) by

Now have a go at working through the powerpoint to practise dividing by 2.  Can you write the number sentences as you go along?   

Have a go at the attached sheet and see if you can write a division number sentence for each set of circles. There are some extra challenge questions at the end.

Have fun.

Mrs Lightfoot  (and Purvis and Mickey Thompson)