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Monday 1 June

Hello Wrens

It is lovely to see you back after the half term holiday.  I can't wait to start our new topic Superheroes but first of all we are going to get started with some phonics.



This week we are recap and practise our Phase 3 sounds.  Please see below for today's activities.   Next week we will be moving onto Phase 4 phonics.

Year 1.

Today we are going to be doing some activities to recap on our main Phase 5 sounds.  Please see below for today's activities.



For the next few days we are going to be thinking about shapes.  Today we are going to be thinking about flat or 2D shapes.  Look Mickey Thompson and Purvis have drawn some 2D shapes on their piece of paper.  Can you see what 2D shapes they have drawn?  How do you know which is which?


How many 2D shapes do you know?  Have a look at the powerpoint quiz below.  Did you know all the shapes?  What can you tell your grown up about them?

Let's go on a shape hunt.  What 2D shapes can you spot around your house and garden?  Can you see what shapes Mickey Thompson and Purvis found on their shape hunt?



Now have a go at one of the shape pictures below.  There are lots of different ones to choose from.  Make sure you look at the picture carefully so you colour each shape the correct colour.  Can you count how many of each shape you have?

Year 1.

Today we are learning about doubles.  Please click on the video link below to learn more.




Attached below there is an activity sheet to practise the skills we have just learnt.  There is also a second challenge sheet of problem solving activities using doubles.



Our new topic is called Superheroes.  One of the reasons I chose this topic was this painting which I saw on the

Someone tried to steal the artwork Banksy dedicated to the NHS | Dazed

news a few weeks ago.  Just take a few minutes to look at the picture and talk about it with your grown-up. 

What can you see?

The little boy has chosen a rather unusual superhero.  Do you know who it is and what job they do?  I wonder why he chose that person as his superhero.

This term we are going to be finding out a special lady called Florence Nightingale who was born 200 years ago.  She isn't alive now but during her life she did some very important things.

Have a look at the video below to find out a little bit more about her.



Florence was one of the world's first nurses.  Do you know what a nurse does?  See if you can remember some of the things Florence did in the video.

One of the things Florence learnt when she trained to be a nurse was that keeping things clean and safe  were very important for keeping people well.  When Florence was alive many of the hospitals were not very clean and used dirty beds and bandages.  Florence worked hard to change that.  Today our hospitals are clean but it is important that we remember what Florence taught us and do our bit to keep clean and safe.

One of the ways we can do this is by washing our hands.  When do you think you need to wash your hands?

At the moment it is even more important to wash our hands regularly and to do it properly.

Watch the video below for a great song to remind you how to wash your hands.  Don't forget to try it out next time you wash your hands and use some proper soap!



Now I would like you to design your own poster to remind you to wash your hands. Maybe you can put it by your sink to remind you.  

Have fun and don't forget the soap!

Mrs Lightfoot (and Purvis and Mickey Thompson)