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Merlins (Year 5 & 6)

Spring 2 2020

English: Our focus is on 'Greek Mythology' where the children will be exposed to a wide range of ancient Greek myths. The themes that will be explored include the general structure of Greek myths (e.g. heroic character with difficult start in life, a challenge or quest to overcome with a tragic ending); we will be making comparisons between texts (e.g. the creation of Pandora by Zeus in 'Pandora's Box' and the creation of Eve by God in 'Genesis'). There will be plenty of opportunities for writing this half term which will include setting and character descriptions, play scripts, diary entries and short stories.


Maths: In Maths this term, there will be a focus upon Algebra (one and two step equations, substitution and using formulae); Ratio (e.g. indicating how many times one number contains another) and Reflections (e.g. reflecting a shape across a mirror line or axis, creating a line of symmetry)


Humanities: This half term's learning will be Geography based and we will be exploring the concept of 'Conservation' and sustainable development (meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs). This includes: water scarcity, deforestation, pollution and wildlife conservation and endangerment.


Science: We are finalising our topic of 'Forces' through the exploration of gears, levers, pulleys and ramps as simple machines which help us move things more easily. We will be moving onto our next topic 'Hot and Cold', which will include exploring how temperature is measured (accurately reading 'F and 'C on a thermometer using a scale); how mammals keep warm; insulation (how heat is trapped) and thermal conductors of heat.


P.E.: Whilst we await an improvement in the weather, the children will be introduced to a new sport : Pop Lacrosse. It is a non-contact version of lacrosse which uses plastic-headed sticks and large, softer lacrosse balls.The game is usually played as a five-a-side mixed game and is fast paced and fun to play. The children will gain skills in passing, scooping ground-balls and moving balls between their team to score points.


Art: This half term in Art, the children will develop their sketching skills of hatching, cross hatching, sketching and continuous line drawing. They will gain experience in observational drawing and will, together, create a class sketch using these new skills.


R.E.: In RE we will be finishing off our debate relating to whether spending millions of pounds on a building or piece of art can be justified whilst people suffer with poverty and illness. After this, we will explore what Christians believe about the resurrection and making some comparisons between Christianity and humanism.