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This week we are going to be recapping some of our learning on shape.

Shapes | Shapes learning for kids - YouTube

Day 1.

Today we will revisit 3D shapes.  Please use the link below to access the video from Oak Academy.

recognising and naming 3D shapes

Now have a look around your house - what 3D shapes can you find?  Which 3D shape did you find the most of?

Day 2.

Today we are going to be learning a bit more about 3D shapes and how to describe and classify them.

Describe and classify 3D shapes

Now have a go at the 3D shape sorting activity attached below.

Day 3.

We are now moving onto looking at 2D shapes.  Please use the link below to learn about recognising and naming 2D shapes.  Then have a go at creating your own 2D shape picture.  There is an activity sheet attached below to help you or you can make up your own.

recognising and naming 2D shapes

Day 4.

Today we are going to be continuing to look at 2D shapes and finding out a bit more about their properties.

describe and classify 2D shapes

Have a go at the one of the colour by 2D shape pictures attached below. How many of each 2D shape can you find?

Day 5.

Now we are going to use what we have learnt about shape to explore patterns.  Use the link below to find out abit more about patterns.

recognise and create patterns

Patterns are all around us.  Look around your house and garden and see how many different patterns you can find.

Now it's your turn. Can you create some repeating patterns?  Maybe you could get creative and use your art materials. Alternatively you could go outside and use natural materials or even household objects. Don't forget to take some photographs of your creations to show us!

Year 1- repeating patterns     Reception – Elm Grove Primary School, Brighton