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Everything we do at Abberley Parochial Primary School is centred around instilling the values and attributes that we believe will enable our children to thrive and adapt to the demands of our world and society. We hope that our children will go on to make a difference and succeed at life and that by achieving success in primary school that doors of opportunity will open. In order to do that, we plan to prepare them with the skills and attributes to face and overcome challenges, remaining positive as they do so and continually seek to learn and develop themselves. 

Our school culture, curriculum and procedures are entwined with our values which are wisdom, compassion, thankfulness, courage, forgiveness, justice and truthfulness. We believe that these values, whilst rooted in Christianity, provide a foundation on which we can all lead a fulfilled life regardless of faith.

The seven learning attributes we seek for our children to develop are also woven into our curriculum and remain the benchmark by which we measure our success. We ask ourselves ‘to what extent have the children developed these attributes?’ Our children are a testament to our success as they represent fantastic individuals who have and will continue to have a positive impact throughout their lives.

Our learning attributes and linked key skills are:

Creativity: imagining, designing, constructing

Reasoning: comparing, evaluating, explaining

Comprehension: summarising, interpreting, predicting

Curiosity: questioning, analysing, testing

Perseverance: experimenting, improving, focussing

Collaboration:  communicating, sharing, compromising

Knowledge: recognising, identifying, describing

More detailed verbs specific to each attribute can be found in the document below.

Please use the links to the right to look at all aspects of our curriculum and how, through the subjects we teach, we instil in them our school's attributes, capacities and values.