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At Abberley Parochial Primary School, we recognise the incredible value there is in developing language and communication skills. In Reception and KS1, children will be exposed to some words from different languages and learn to recognise that in different cultures and countries people communicate with different sounds. Our more formal languages curriculum starts in KS2 as outlined in the National Curriculum. 

We teach the children French for half an hour each week. This allows us to introduce the language and begin to develop key vocabulary to hold a conversation and write words and sentences. Part of the key understanding is in the recognition that different languages vary in sentence structure, word order, punctuation and tense. 

In Years 3 and 4, the children are introduced to key themes and begin to develop their knowledge of key vocabulary. Our Year 5 and 6 programme of study revisits the key vocabulary increasing the depth of understanding and use in both conversation and written formats.

Our approach to French teaching includes lots of memory games and skills to help the children recall the phrases and words being applied.

Below you can find out more details about how we teach French and the topics and themes of study, as well as our skills progression.