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Kingfishers (Year 3 & 4)

Spring 2 2020

English - Miss Hughes' Group

This term, the children have been studying 'The Explorer' by Katherine Rundell. This story follows four children who were passengers on a plane that crashed in the Amazon Rainforest. The children have to work together to survive, later meeting a man who has been stranded for many years. Over the term, the children will complete lots of interesting writing linked to the story. The children have written super descriptions of the clearing in the rainforest where the children have made a camp, they have written letters back home to loved ones in the voices of the characters. Over the course of the next few weeks, the children will delve into becoming newspaper reporters and then finally creating their very own suspense story using techniques learnt from reading Katherine Rundell's book. 


English - Mrs Postlethwaite and Mrs Gregory's group

When writing we will be, planning for and writing factual information in the form of a newspaper report. This will be based around the recent bad weather and local flooding and include writing attention grabbing headlines, strong opening paragraphs, factual information and eye-witness accounts.

We will also be writing fiction based in a magical setting and linked to the story of The Tunnel by Antony Browne. We will be focusing on using our writing to describe settings and characters and using powerful adjectives to write a part of the story the author has not included. We will also be continuing to write neatly and clearly, remembering to punctuate our work at all times.

During Spelling and Grammar lessons, we will be understanding and writing expanded noun phrases to add detail to description. We will also be learning to express time and cause using conjunctions (when, before, after, while, because), adverbs (then, next, soon, so) or prepositions (before, after, during, in because of). Mastering using apostrophes to mark singular and plural possession (the girl’s name, the boys’ boots) and finally learning how to use fronted adverbials


Maths - Miss Hughes' Group 

In maths this half term, the main focus will be fractions. The children will specifically be learning to recognise fractions, understanding what an equivalent fraction is, finding fractions of amounts as well as adding and subtracting fractions. Please continue to learn timestables at home with your children as this will really help them understand fractions and how they work. 


Maths - Mrs Postlethwaite and Mrs Gregory's group

In Maths we will be learning about, 'area': the space inside a 2D shape, 'perimeter': the length of the outer edge of a shape. We will also be measuring and converting length in mm, cm, m and km.

During number work, we will be working on multiplication – introducing grid method for multiplying 2/3digits by 1 digit. The next step will be division – using short division to divide 2/3 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers and then moving onto using both of these operations to solve reasoning questions and word problems

Fractions – recognising simple fractions, common equivalent fractions, using fractions to divide quantities, adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator

RE: The children have finishing their learning linked to values and rules systems in different religions and have considered the benefits of living by certain values. This term's topic will focus on why some people are inspired by Jesus.


Humanities (Geography Focus):  This half term the focus in Geography is 'Work and Travel'. In this unit, the children will be learning about transport and how and why this has changed in the last century. They will be strengthening their map reading skills by studying maps of different villages, towns and cities, both local and foreign. The children will learn how to use a key to find specific places on these maps as well as learning where to find different types of roads and vegetation. 


Science: In Science, the children will get the chance to take part in lots of hands on experiments linked friction and magnetism. As part of their study, they will test a variety of surface, discovering ways to increase and reduce friction. They will test materials and learn new concepts such as poles, attraction and repulsion. 

Music: The children are very fortunate to have Miss Harper come into school every Thursday to teach them to play the ukulele.


Computing: In computing this half term, the children will take part in many exciting coding lessons using the programme 'Scratch'. 


PE:  Outdoor PE continues to be on a Wednesday afternoon and this half-term will be hockey. Please remember that even though we expect the weather to be getting warmer, be prepared for some typical British weather by including spare socks/tights and a jumper/sweatshirt in PE bags. 

Indoor PE is on a Thursday and this half term the children will be completing a dance topic based on the 'Carnival of the Animals' by Camille Saint-Saëns. Children will learn to dance in unison and in canon with movements that represent different animals and will discover how to use dynamics in their dancing in order to fit the mood and the temp of a piece of music.