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History at Abberley Primary School is focused on developing pupil’s awareness of world and the stories of the people who have lived. Through a study of history our pupils develop a deep understanding and appreciation of the past and what it can teach us about ourselves, our nation and our world.

At every possible opportunity we seek for the pupils to learn through enquiry and exploration of the past. Enquiries encourage students to apply the key learning verbs indicated in the history progress such as empathising, analysing understanding cause and effect and deepening chronological awareness. We seek to bring the past to life through stories, where possible, helping our pupils to realise that these were real people striving to lead interesting and fulfilled lives in their context. History also provides opportunities for pupils to develop communication through role play and extended writing/presenting for purpose. For example, as a person from the past, a person going back in time or a person from the past coming to our time.

Please click on the documents below to find out more about the topics we study and how the learning of skills and key vocabulary progresses as children develop at our school.