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Friday 5th June

Spellings: If you have not logged onto J2E and used 'Spell Blast' to practise your spellings this week, then log on and do this first.

For your spelling test today,  I would like you to fill in the spaces and then afterwards check and see if you have spelt the words correctly. You can either print off the PDF word shapes below or look at the screen and then write the letters in your home learning book.

Common Exception Shape Words - 

Suffix Shape Words - 

English:  Now you have read 'The Magic Box' by Kit Wright and you have created your own unique box, today you are going to be creative and start to write your own poem. 

Yesterday you wrote a list of items you would put in your box. Today you need to split them into three groups and use Kit's first line to create your first three verses. I have put Kit's full poem below if you want to re-read it for ideas.

Remember to use good vocabulary to describe your items just like the original poem. How imaginative can you be with describing your items?

Keep these verses safe as on Monday you will create the last verse. 

Maths:  The hidden phrase from yesterday was - MULTIPLICATION MASTER. Well done if you solved the clues and found this hidden message. 

Today I want  to make sure you are confident knowing the difference between Odd and Even numbers. To start with watch this lesson.



Activity: Put 2 hoops (or draw 2 circles) on your floor and label them odd and even. Ask an adult to write or call out a number then write the number or stand in the correct hoop. How quick can you make your decision if the number is odd or even? You must be able to say the correct digits, in the correct place when repeating the number back to your adult. Think place value -  TH     H     T       O

Watch Monty as he played this game against Alice.



Bronze - ask for numbers up to 50

Silver - ask for numbers up to 100

Gold - ask for numbers  up to1000

Mrs Shelley's extra challenge - numbers above 1000 but you MUST be able to write and read the number accurately. 

Can you slice the odd or even numbers?

Weekly Art Challenge: This week I would like you to have a go at sketching a real bike. 

Click below for more details and top tips on how to draw your bike. Happy drawing.