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Friday 5th June

***APOLOGIES FROM MISS HUGHES***- I have received a few messages informing me that the Tyrannosaurus sheet wouldn't open yesterday. I will amend it and put it on next week sometime. I hope you enjoyed the rest of the learning :-) 

English: To create an imaginary school through descriptive writing

Your task today is to create an imaginary school. It could be a fantastical place: a school in a castle, one on another plants, one that bounces or disappears of that floats in a bubble.

You may choose a school of witchcraft and wizardry, like Hogwarts in the Harry Potter series, or Madam Dragon's school in Zog. 

Alternatively, you may choose to write about an ordinary school- an everyday primary like Tom Gates'- Oakfield School, or like the school in Planet Omar.

Your school may have a particular specialism, it may be a music school, a football school, a cookery school, a school for magical creatures or a school that teaches circus skills. Your school may have a time machine, a mystery garden, a menagerie or a rocket ship. 

Some more ideas:
You could write your story from the point of view of the teacher. Write a lesson plan for your students. What subject do you teach? Geography, creative writing, hot air ballooning skills or magic? Describe your school building, your classroom, your students, the most exciting classes and the most boring.

Or your story could be told from the perspective of a student experiencing the school for the first time. What are your fellow students like? Do you have a school uniform? What's the best lesson and who teaches it? Which lesson do you dread going to each week?

Next dream up an edventure that take place in your school. Which characters are involved? What will happen in the end? Will your school ever be the same again?


We are all doing the same maths task today. I have set up a Battle of the Bands on TTRS which will start at 10am today and finish at 10am on Monday. You should have your log in details in the front of your Home Learning books but if you can't remember yours, go on to J2e and share a document with me and I'll send your details as soon as I can.

Good luck!

Also, please complete one page of your Mental Arithmetic book. If you are able to, mark your work with a parent, adult or older sibling at home. 

Art: LO: To draw a bicycle.

Mrs Postlethwaite has a super challenge for you! Take a look at the attachment at the bottom of the page!