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Friday 3rd July

Spellings: This week you have been setting your timer to 5 minutes and seeing how many times you can write out your spellings. Once you have a pencil ready, start the clip below and see how many times you can write out your spelling words before the bomb explodes. Once you have finished, give them to an adult to see how many you words you spelt correctly. If you have been doing this every day this week, I reckon you will have more correct today than you did at the start of the week. Get ready, click ...




  Another Superhero is about to go off on an adventure.

How are your superhero comics coming along? If you didn't click on the learning page yesterday, then you will need to for this English task. 

Have you included any onomatopoeias in your writing yet? You might want to use these...


Maths:     Isaac opened up two tubes of Smarties to collect his data. I wonder how many Smarties are left on the plate today!

Today I would like you to use the data you collected yesterday to create your own pictogram. Watch this clip below to learn about pictograms.



Look at your data and decide what will be the best key for your pictograph. This will depend on the amount of data you collected, but I would expect a picture to represent  maybe 2, 5 or 10 and not a value of 1. These numbers might not apply to your data and 3,4,6,7,8 or 9 might be a better option. Draw a graph similar to the one below to create your pictogram or download this template from the bottom of the page.

Once you have created your pictogram can you write some questions for your family to answer so they can interpret your data? Look at the questions below and answer the questions using the graphs and then write your own questions using similar language.


Science : Down at the Beach - Click on the lesson below.