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Friday 3rd July

Hello Wrens

Happy Friday!   I hope you have enjoyed this week learning all about the senses.  Are bodies really are amazing.  Let's get started with our English.



Today is Tricky Word Friday!

For today's activity you will need a dice.   Roll your dice and complete the tricky word activity which matches the number below.

1. Read and race.   Place your tricky words at one end of the room/garden and race to collect them one at a time.  Make sure you read the word carefully before you go and collect the next one!

2. Speed writing.  Ask your grown up to read out your tricky words.  How many can you write in 3 minutes?  Best handwriting of course!

3. Tricky word trucks. Have a game of tricky word trucks using the link below.

Phonics play - Tricky word trucks

Select Resources, Phase 4, Tricky Word trucks and then Phase 4 again.   You can either practise just tricky words or a combination of tricky and high frequency words.

4. Outdoor writing.  Use either chalk or a paintbrush and water to write your tricky words outside.  How many can you remember?

5. Tricky word cross the river.  Print off and cut out the cross the river cards below.  Create a "river" across the room or garden using cushions, hoops or similar for stepping stones.  Ask your grown up to read out your tricky words one by one. You can only cross the river using the stepping stones if you have the same tricky word on your cross the river card.

6. Hidden tricky words.  Print off a hidden tricky word sheet attached below.  Parents - there are lots you only need to complete one.  Can you find the letters and spell the tricky word? There is a list of tricky words at the start to help you.

Year 1.

Today is Grammar Friday.   Let's recap the present and  past tenses that we learnt a few weeks ago.

When we write about things that are happening now we are writing in the present tense and we use the suffix ing.

Mickey Thompson is eating some biscuits.  He is doing it right now!

When we write about things that have already happened we are writing in the past tense and we use the suffix ed.

Purvis played with the cars.  He did it earlier and has now tidied them up.  Well done Purvis!


Watch the video below for a bit more information on this.



Let's do some activities to practise this.  Click on the link below to Phonics play.

Phonics play

Select Phase 6 and choose Past Tense Penguins (simple version) to practise adding ed to words. 

Now have a go at the sheet attached below.  You need to convert the sentences to the past tense.  You may spot some familiar names!  Most of the words you need to add ed too but think carefully there are one or two sneaky ones to catch you out!



Let's warm up with our big number's song.




You have worked really hard on addition and subtraction number sentences over the last few weeks so today let's do some fun activities to practise what we have learnt.  Try some of the online games below.

Blast Off Rocket Game - Counting on and back

Robot addition - addition practice

Fruit splat - subtraction practice

Funky mummy - addition, subtraction and number bonds

Then try one of sheets below. You need to work out the addition and subtraction number sentences to colour the picture correctly.  There are 2 different ones to choose from - numbers to 10 or numbers to 20.

Year 1.

Let's warm up with a game of Funky Mummy.  We can practise some subtraction facts or number bonds.

Funky Mummy Game

Today we are going to be applying what we learnt about subtraction yesterday to some problem solving activities.  Let's start by working through the powerpoint below.

Now have a go at the problem solving activity sheets below. There are 3 levels to choose from and an additional challenge discussion  problem.


So far this week we have looked at 4 of our senses.  Can you work out which one we have left to explore?

Have a look at the activities on the BBC Bitesize page on senses to give you a clue.

BBC Bitesize The senses

That's right the sense of taste!                    Can you tell if you have a healthy tongue? | Lifestyle News,The ...

Let's find out a bit more about our amazing tongues and sense of taste using the video link below.



Can you remember the 5 different tastes mentioned in the video?

That's right sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami.  Click on the powerpoint below to see some foods associated with each of these tastes.  You could ask your grown-up if you could set up a tasting activity to see if you can identify the different tastes in foods.

In the video it said our sense of smell and sense of taste are very closely linked.  

Try eating different flavour crisps whilst holding your nose.  Can you still tell what the different flavours are?  Holding your nose is a really good way of eating foods you don't like because you can't taste them!

If you haven't already done so make sure you have finished your Superhero story.  Did you manage to get all 5 senses into your story?  Here is the end of Purvis and Mickey Thompson's story.  Can you spot the sense of smell and taste?

Albert Mousestein
sniffed. He could smell something sweet and creamy.  The pink sea was custard!  Quickly he gave Supermouse a spoon.  Supermouse started eating.  It was delicious and before long he had eaten the whole lot.  Meanwhile Albert Mousestein flew round and round Creepy McClaws with a rope until he was wrapped up tight.  His evil plan had failed.  Supermouse and Albert Mousestein had saved the day! 



I hope you enjoyed Purvis and Mickey Thompson's Superhero story. They had lots of fun writing it.  We can't wait to read yours.  Have a wonderful weekend.

Best wishes

Mrs Lightfoot (and Purvis and Mickey Thompson)