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Friday 27th March

Miss Hughes has just told me about a virtual day out at Chester Zoo.  You will find it on their Facebook page.  It starts at 10am and goes on all day with talks and tours of the different animals.  So if you fancy a day out at the zoo give it a go!

Hello Wrens

Hooray - it's fun Friday - always the best day of the week!

As it's tricky word day I have set you some fun activities to practise your tricky words.  In maths there is a "just a minute" challenge.  Hopefully the weather will continue to be sunny and you can do lots of your learning outside today.

I hope you have a good weekend.  Keep busy and make the most of the lovely weather.  If it does cool off a bit and you are inside I have attached a junk modelling challenge from Mrs Postlethwaite.  I know the Wrens are really good at junk modelling and it would be lovely to see your creations if you can send some photos in.  

Also I have been thinking today how good you are at jigsaw puzzles.  We even completed one with 200 pieces in class!  Have a go at some of your puzzles at home - what is the biggest one you have managed to finish?

See you on Monday

Mrs Lightfoot