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Friday 27th March

English: L.O: To comprehend a challenging text using inference and deduction.

Activity 1: Attached below is a Bronze, Silver and Gold 'Reading Comprehension Task'. Please select one and complete this activity by reading the text and answering the questions that follow in FULL sentences. 

(It has been brought to my attention that the Gold task is missing a part of the text, if you choose this level, please complete the questions that you can. Alternatively, I have attached an additional Gold reading comprehension task at the bottom of this page. Answers are included for you to check your work once you are finished)

Activity 2: Once complete, listen to Chapter 6 of 'Pig Heart Boy' which can be found on the Learning --> Stories page of the website (28 mins long)

In addition to completing these tasks, I would highly recommend reading a challenging book of your choice for a minimum of 30 minutes per day.


For today's Maths activity, complete one page of your Mental Arithmetic book. If you are able to, mark your work with a parent, adult or older sibling at home. 

Art L.O: To use a pencil to sketch a realistic eye.

Below is a great, detailed video that demonstrates how to use only a pencil and a rubber to draw a 'realistic eye'. Watch the video from start to finish and listen to Rebecca as she talks through each step of the process. Once you have a good idea of where you should start and the steps you need to follow, have a go on a plain piece of paper. If you are able to, once finished, stick your sketches into your Home Learning books. Below, I have also included my attempt at following her instructions. I thoroughly enjoyed this activity and I certainly did not know how to draw an eye before watching! Enjoy!





At a time where we all find ourselves indoors for the most of the day, we should bare in mind how important daily exercise is for our health and wellbeing, particularly our mental health. If you are able to, take your device somewhere with plenty of space (even the garden on a nice sunny day) or clear some space in front of your computer and follow along with Joe Wicks for a 30 minute workout. I will definitely be doing the same!





Activity 1: This weekend, make sure you are up to date with our current class book 'Pig Heart Boy'. It is important you do as Monday's English activity will be closely linked to the book. The latest chapter (6) is on the Learning --> Stories page of the website.

Activity 2: (optional) Complete an additional page of your arithmetic book.

Activity 3: (optional) Attempt a Bronze, Silver OR Gold Maths challenge by clicking the links below. Mark your answers only when you are finished.

If you finish quickly (less than 5 mins) , attempt the next level for a challenge!


Bronze Answers


Silver Answers


Gold Answers


Platinum Answers