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Friday 27th March

It is nearly the weekend - Happy Friday!

Phonics (15 – 20 mins): Spelling Test Please ask your child to spell the words from this week’s spelling list. Please mark and reward your child accordingly for their effort.

Parent tips: If you want more of a challenge you can dictate whole sentences.                                                      More challenge - Include spellings from previous weeks in your sentences.                                                                      Even more challenge – Ask different types of sentences e.g. statements, questions, commands and exclamations and see if the correct punctuation is used.




Watch this link to reinforce what we have learnt this week.

Activity 1: Spend 15 minutes asking your child to set their clock face to show the times they have been working on this week or watch Monty below and he can ask some times.  Please look back at different resources from the week as you might want to repeat some, depending how much your child has grasped this concept.



English (30 mins): Hopefully you have created a perfect poem and I am excited to read it.

Use C.U.P.S to read through your writing and check for any silly errors. Then log into your J2E account and either take a photo (using the camera  of your written work or use JIT to type your poem up. Save your work and then share with me - ces51.  I've put some instructions below to show how to share your work via J2E so I can enjoy reading your poems.

Today Monty is going to help Elliot tidy up his bedroom! Why don't you ask if there is a job you can help out with around your house?

Have a lovely weekend and I'll see you all on Monday.

Mrs Shelley 


In science we are looking at animals and their habitats.  If your parents have Facebook- Chester Zoo are doing a virtual 'Day at the Zoo' which starts at 10am this morning and will be featuring tours and talks about many animals-

10am Red Pandas

11am Rothschild's Giraffes

12pm Asian Elephants

1pm Butterflies

2pm Sun Bears

2:30pm Sumatran tigers

2:45pm Humboldt Penguins

4pm Aquarium

Go to 'Chester Zoo' on Facebook for a fantastic virtual day out at the zoo.