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Friday 24th April

English: LO: To begin to imagine different locations in the story

I hope you're all enjoying the story. Today you get to listen to/read along with 2 chapters. Click the links below to listen to them. 

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

The work booklet for today is at the bottom of the page and has all the instructions listed. 

Over the weekend- if you have Netflix, search for 'Unfortunate Events' in the kids section and watch EPISODE 1 ONLY, this is all we have read so far. Please try not to be tempted to watch any more than episode 1, as this will spoil the book for you... I'm trusting you... 



We are all doing the same maths task today. I have set up a Battle of the Bands on TTRS which will start at 10am today and finish at 10am on Monday. You should have your log in details in the front of your Home Learning books but if you can't remember yours, go on to J2e and share a document with me and I'll send your details as soon as I can.

I was trying to think of a prize for the winning band. I have decided that I will play three 3 minute games for each member of the winning team. This should mean that (if my brain is switched on!) each person should get about 5000 coins.

Good luck!

Also, please complete one page of your Mental Arithmetic book. If you are able to, mark your work with a parent, adult or older sibling at home. 

Science: LO: To revise knowledge on plants, animals and the human body.

As it was Earth Day on Wednesday, I thought it would be nice to revisit/learn a little bit more about plants, animals and humans. Click this link to access the BBC Bitesize game. Try and work your way through each 'rookie' level, some of the knowledge you will already have from science lessons in school, other questions your might have to discuss with a family member. 

Have fun!