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Friday 24th April

Hello Wrens!

I am so sorry I missed meeting with some of you on Zoom yesterday. I completely got my days mixed up and thought we were meeting today! I am clearly missing doing the calendar with you all every morning.  I understand you had fun chatting with Mr Turvey and Mrs Lench and it was wonderful to hear about all the work you have been doing.  I received some lovely emails this week telling me about some of the amazing work some of you have done.  If you would like to share some of your activities please send me an email using the  school email address (   It would be lovely to hear from you.

I hope you are all enjoying the wonderful weather we have been having.  How are your sunflowers coming along?  Mickey Thompson and Purvis have finally worked out how to plant their seeds.  They painted their plant pots so they wouldn't get them mixed up.  They are looking after them very carefully as they want to win the competition!


Please find attached an art activity from Mrs Postlethwaite.  This is something the whole school are taking part in and we are going to make a gallery on the website showing all the pictures. 

As we are learning all about plants, how about having a go at recreating one of these famous paintings? 

Van Gogh Canvas XL Sunflowers - Van Gogh Museum shop


Claude Monet | Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies | The Met

14 Famous Flower Paintings


Can you find out who the artists are?



Today I would like you to practise the tricky words you already know using the ideas on the sheet below. Next week you will have a new set of tricky words to learn.

Year 1.

Today you will be practising using question marks.  Please look at the sheet below for a recap on question marks and an activity.


We have been doing lots of measuring this week and learnt how to compare the size of objects and measure things using non standard units, rulers and tape measures.  We have also learnt about using centimetres and metres.  Measuring is a really useful skill and we use it all the time.  Can you think of some examples of when we need to measure things?

One of things we can measure is how tall we are using a tape measure or a height chart.  This is really useful as we can use it to find out what size clothes we need, whether we are tall enough to go on a roller-coaster and if we have grown.

Have a go at measuring yourself and other members of your family and record how tall you are.  I have attached a height chart you can print off and use if you would like to.  Now do some research with your grown-up and see if you can find something that is the same height as you.

Did you know the average snowman is 110cm tall?

Purvis is  11cm -  the same height as a cup.


Mickey Thompson is  9cm - the same height as a pack of cards.

Mrs Lightfoot is 168cm - the same height as Beyonce and Napoleon!   

Repeat the activity in a months time. Have you grown?

Have a wonderful weekend and see you Monday.

Best wishes

Mrs Lightfoot (and Purvis and Mickey Thompson)