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Friday 1st May

Hello Wrens

I hope you are well and looking forward to the weekend.   

Mickey Thompson and Purvis wanted to show you some cress heads they made earlier in the week. They are giving them a little bit of water every day and looking forward to them growing some lovely cress hair! If you would like to have a go the instructions are attached below.


Today is Friday so it's Tricky word day for Reception and Grammar day for Year 1.


You have a new set of tricky words to learn which are attached below.  If you print out the sheet you can cut it up to make your next set of tricky word action cards.  Try and print it out on coloured paper if you have any or maybe you can colour in the pictures.

Now it's time to practise reading and writing the words.  There are some suggestions how to do this attached below.

Year 1.

We are going to be learning all about exclamation marks today!   Exclamation marks are used at the end of a sentence instead of a full stop to show us when something is scary or exciting. 

Suddenly a Purvis heard a enormous crash!

Mickey Thompson bounced up and down in excitement.  He couldn't wait to get to the food fair!

Sometimes they are used to show that someone is shouting.  

"Stop it Mickey Thompson!" 

Click on the link to find out a bit more and then try the activities on the powerpoint attached below.

BBC Bitesize Exclamation Marks


Did you enjoy playing in the water  and learning about capacity yesterday? 

How did you get on ordering your containers by capacity?

It can be tricky to work out which container holds the most water (has the largest capacity) as not all the containers are the same shape or size.  Therefore just like we did with measuring and weighing, we need to use a non standard unit to help us find out the capacity of different containers.

You need to choose a container that is smaller in size than the container you want to find out the capacity of and make sure it pours easily.  This could be a cup or even a large spoon.

Mickey Thompson and Purvis have chosen a small cup and they are going to use it to find out the capacity of the teapot.  They are going to estimate how many cups of water they think it will take to fill the teapot.

Purvis thinks it will take 7 and Mickey Thompson thinks it will take 19.   

Now Mickey Thompson is going to carefully count how many cups it takes to fill the teapot.  He has to make sure he fills the cup to the top each time and pours the water carefully so he doesn't spill any.

Each time he empties a cup into the teapot, Purvis will make a mark on his tally chart. This will help them to count how many cups they have used.  When he gets to 5 Purvis puts a line across to make a tally.

The teapot took  8  cups to fill it.  We can say the capacity of the teapot is  8  cups.  Who made the best estimate?

Now its your turn.  Complete the sheet below to measure the capacity of some containers using non standard units.

There are also some challenge questions for Year 1.

Purvis and Mickey Thompson are going to use the measuring skills they have learnt this week to do some baking over the weekend.  They will share their favourite recipe on Monday. 

Why don't you have a go too?  If you would like to you can email your recipes to school and we can share them on the website.  

Have fun

Mrs Lightfoot (and Purvis and Mickey Thompson)

I have attached the phonics flashcards again below for anyone who missed them.