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Friday 19th June

Happy Friday Skylarks. We have managed yet another full week of home learning and hopefully the sun will return for the weekend. Have a good rest and we'll see you all again on Monday morning.

Mrs Shelley & Monty




Maths: Can you find the symmetrical items in this garden?

Here are some more amazing symmetrical patterns Skylarks have created. 


                    William                                                                                Jessie-Mai

Today we are learning to count faces, edges and vertices on 3D shapes.

Make sure you pause at this point and have a go at solving this puzzle. Did you work it out correctly?



Today I would like you to hunt around your house and see what 3D shapes you can find. Once you have found a 3D shape can you name it and then look carefully at the properties. I have uploaded a PDF with the most common 3D shape names. 

1 -  How many faces can you count and what 2D shapes can you see? Either carefully draw the 2D shapes which make up faces or if it is a box can you carefully take it apart and see what shapes are used to make the 3D shape.

2 - How many vertices and edges can you count?

I sent Monty on a challenge around my house to see what 3D items he could find...

Can you spot the the cubes, cylinders, cuboids, spheres and even a cone?

English: It is really important that while you are not in school you are continuing to read lots and lots. I'm sure you all have many books at home which you could read or maybe you have access to online books. Here is a link you can use for free reading books and it has lots of fun ideas that you could play at home. 

Today, I want you to spend your English time reading and enjoying a book and then see if you can complete a book review (PDF is below) to share your thoughts and feelings about the book. Monty has found a lovely, quiet spot to read and enjoy his book. 

RE:  The Crying Camel and The Ants and the Fire.

Click on the PDF below for the activity.