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Friday 17th July

***Join us on ZOOM at 10:00***

Meeting ID: 4425158508

Password: transition

English: What have you learnt this year? 

School has been very different this year, but you've still learnt a lot! Fill in the sheet in the tab below using words (and sentences if you can think of some) with all of the things you've learnt this year. You need to cast your mind back to before lock down, when we were all in school together. 

Lesson 3 = CELEBRATE!:


Yes- this school year has been VERY different to ones you've ever experienced before- and hopefully will NEVER experience again. You've come an incredibly long way and I'd like you to celebrate the fact you have all continued to work so hard and achieve so much.

Normally, we'd have a party/quiz/lovely long play time to celebrate the school year and our time together- we can't do this, so it's your job to throw a celebration at home. 

If you want to create some decorations try these links-

Paper Pin Wheels (mod-podge = GLUE)

Tissue Paper Tassel Garland

Printable Fruity Bunting

Party Hats



I am so proud of all of you for how hard you've worked on the maths that I've set over the past few months. It has been so lovely when you've shared it with me on J2e and I've been able to 'talk' to you and give you feedback. 

I have put together a list of websites and activities for you to look at over the summer holidays to keep your maths brains ticking over! Have fun with these and feel free to share anything you do with me on J2e :)