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Friday 17th July


Activity 1: Listen to chapters 29-33 of Skellig and complete each activity linked the chapters.

There are 13 chapters remaining of this story, I will be uploading one per day for the next 13 days onto the Learning --> Stories section of the website  so we can conclude the story.

Activity 2: Complete the 'Chapter 29 Activity' attached below.


Activity 3: Answer the following 4 questions linked to Chapter 30 (answers are attached at the bottom):

  1. What wakes Michael?
  2. What does Michael think he sees in the wilderness?
  3. Where does Michael go?
  4. How would Michael see Mina in a dream?


Activity 4: Complete the 'Chapter 31 Activity' attached below.


Activity 5: Complete the 'Chapter 32 Activity' attached below.


Activity 3: Answer the following 4 questions linked to Chapter 33 (answers are attached at the bottom):

  1. What does Rasputin show Michael’s class?
  2. What does Michael do really well at lunchtime?
  3. Why does Michael’s Dad phone the school?

Activity 1: Complete one page of your Mental Arithmetic book. If you are able to, mark your work with a parent, adult or older sibling at home. 

Activity 2: Click the link below to access the Y5 and Y6 Maths Quizzes!

Y5 Maths Quiz

Y6 Maths Quiz

Computing: L.O. To use Powerpoint to share experiences

Well what a strange few months it has been! This is not how I intended teaching you computing this year. You have done fantastically well learning online and following tutorials, showing me just what computing skills you have.

For our last lesson I would like you to share your lockdown experiences with me through the power of Powerpoint! My own experience has had many ups and downs as I have had to adapt my life and how I lived (not seeing family/friends) and worked (teaching online wasn't something I'd ever done before). I expect that you went through many highs and lows as well. 

Tell me some of the things you've enjoyed and some of the things that you haven't. Use pictures, video clips or even songs alongside your words to get your messages across. For the final time (hopefully), don't forget to share your work with me on J2e (je38).

Have a fabulous Summer break every one! I am so looking forward to welcoming you back in September, Y5! :)