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Friday 15th May

English L.O: To distinguish between similes and metaphors and correctly identify them in a text.

Activity 1: Listen to Chapter 3 of 'The Stolen Sister' on the Learning --> Stories page of the website.

Activity 2: Recap your own understanding of similes and metaphors by clicking the following link:

Similes and Metaphors

On this webpage, I would like you to watch the two videos and complete ONLY Activity 1 (you may complete the additional activities for an additional challenge later).

For the activities below, it is my recommendation that Y5 complete the Y5 activity and Y6 complete the Y6 activity. However, the skills involved are very similar therefore if you are Y5 and find the Y5 task too straight forward, attempt the Y6 task for a challenge and likewise if you are in Y6 and find the Y6 activity too challenging, complete the Y5 task which you should be able to complete without many issues.

Year 5

Open up the file below titled 'Y5 Reading Activity'. Once you have opened the file, read the text called 'Look at the Moon'. This is a poem about the moon, comparing it to different things using a mixture of similes and metaphors. On the second page is a table with a list of words and phrases. Your task is to find these words and phrases in the poem and decide (by reading the sentence that contains the word or phrase) whether it is a simile or a metaphor by ticking the correct column.

Check your answers using 'Y5 Reading Activity (Answers)' when you have filled the table.

It has been brought to my attention that Y5 carried out this task with Miss Plumpton in my absence. If you remember completing the 'Look at the Moon' task already, either complete the 'Y5 Similes and Metaphors' activity attached below (this involves sorting the sentences into the correct column) or have a go at the Y6 activity.

Year 6

Open up the file below titled 'Y6 Reading Activity'. Once you have opened the file, read the text called 'Night Boat by Thebes'. This is a poem packed with metaphors in which on object, action or event is compared to another without the use of 'like' or 'as' (like you might find with a simile). Your task is to answer questions 1-10 on page 2. You will need to constantly refer back to the poem to answer each question. 

Check your answers using 'Y6 Reading Activity (Answers)' when you have answered questions 1-10.


Activity 1: Complete one page of your Mental Arithmetic book. If you are able to, mark your work with a parent, adult or older sibling at home. 

Activity 2: Below is an optional Maths cooking challenge. Watch the video and then follow the recipe (this is attached at the bottom of the page) to create a 'Clue-Dough Carrot Cake'. Once you have made your cake, follow the 'Activities' below.



Activity 3Clue Dough Carrot Cake Follow-Up Activities


As you have been doing so much work on coding recently, I thought this lesson from BBC Bitesize might prove interesting and useful, especially for those of you using Scratch. An important part of coding is testing your program and 'debugging' (which means removing the bugs).  This lesson will show you how to fix mistakes you might make when writing code.

Watch the videos and then try the activities. Feel free to continuing coding either on J2code or Scratch and share your work with me (je38) on J2e.

Bitesize Computing lesson and activities


At a time where we all find ourselves indoors for the most of the day, we should bear in mind how important daily exercise is for our health and wellbeing, particularly our mental health. If you are able to, take your device somewhere with plenty of space (even the garden on a nice sunny day) or clear some space in front of your computer and follow along with Joe Wicks for a 30 minute workout. I will definitely be doing the same!

OR alternatively, Mrs Lightfoot has uploaded some very exciting links to other online PE sessions which you can access by following this link:   Alternative P.E. Ideas




Additional Task

Test your SPAG knowledge with this 'gruelling' grammar quiz! Grammar Quiz