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Friday 15th May

English: LO To find as many words as possible- including the 9 letter word. 

This is one of our favourite morning activities. Spend about 20 minutes looking for as many words as you can from the 9 letters below. All words must be 3 or more letters and each letter can only be used ONCE. Can you find the 9 letter word? 


Both groups will be doing a maths mystery today. Please make sure you select the one for your maths group. In order to find the culprit, you will need to use a range of maths skills. Remember to double check your answers so that you don’t eliminate the culprit accidentally!

Please share your answers with me on J2e. You could go onto J2e, select J2write, then select J2e5 and type your answers on there and share that document with me.

I know myself, Miss Hughes and Mrs. Postlethwaite all really enjoy seeing your work and having conversations with you on J2e, so always feel free to reply to any comments we make :)

Also, I would like you to complete one page of your Mental Arithmetic book. If you are able to, mark your work with a parent, adult or older sibling at home.

Spelling: Miss Hughes' English group

You will have spellings to learn next week! These will be available on j2blast and I will share them with you on j2e in your folder area. Look out for these. 

Spelling: Mrs. Gregory & Mrs. Postlethwaite's English group

Huge apologies, I completely forgot to put your spellings on yesterday. I'm sure you were very disappointed! Please ask someone at home to test you on last week's spellings. You will find your new spellings in your files on J2e. You can also practise your spellings on J2Blast. Check which ones have been shared with you to make sure you are selecting the correct ones!

Music: Lo: To learn how to use syncopation with Myleene Klass

You will need a plastic cup for this lesson! It's quite tricky- but persevere! Good luck!