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Friday 12thJune

Happy Friday Skylarks.

Just to let you know I have been teaching Year 1 in school all week so if you are wondering why I might not have looked at your fabulous work yet, this is why. I am looking forward to sitting down with a cup of tea tomorrow morning to read your 'Magic Box Poems' so if you have not finished your poem try to use some time today to finish it and then send it to me. 

Spelling Test: Ask an adult to test you on this week's spellings. To make it more fun why not ask if you can write your spellings using water outside, or maybe you could squirt some shaving foam and write your letters in the foam or have you got any sand in your house and write in this?

Please ask an adult before trying any of these suggestions! 

English: Yesterday we were thinking about which tense we should use when writing. We practised writing some sentences using the past and present tenses and today we are going to think about the future tense. 

Watch this short film to learn about the three simple tenses: past, present and future.



Click on future tense to have a go at writing some sentences using the FUTURE TENSE.

Adults I have attached the answers to the sentences below as a PDF.

Maths:  Watch this film to learn about irregular and regular polygons before completing today's activities. You do not need to do all the activities, but you might want to. Although they do get slightly more difficult so you might want to start with activity 1 first. 



Can you spot the regular and irregular shapes ?

Activity 1 

Can you look at the shapes and decide if they are regular or irregular? Click here for sheet.

Activity 2 

Copy the Carroll diagram into your home learning book.


Activity 3 

Weekly Art Challenge