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English is a core subject in our curriculum as it provides the medium through which we communicate and learn. English is all about communication and our desire is to enable our pupils, through the development of their language, to think deeply, express themselves clearly in spoken and written forms and gain enjoyment from high quality literature because they have the comprehension skills to be drawn into texts, the imaginations to see, hear and feel what is happening and the empathy skills to put themselves into the character's shoes.

Our English curriculum is divided into the teaching and learning of the following areas: writing and vocabulary, phonics, comprehension, spelling, punctuation and grammar. Whilst the development of these strands of English require a focus on specific skills and knowledge, they are also interwoven.

Throughout this year, we are developing our curriculum. Throughout this process we will be adding our skills and knowledge progression documents for reading comprehension/phonics, writing and vocabulary along with our literary framework to show how pupils study of English progresses throughout their time at Abberley Parochial Primary School. Our expectations for grammar and spelling knowledge will also form part of this.