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Please click on the English activity booklet Sayeed the Pirate Princess attached below.  There are a number of activities to complete based on the story which will practise lots of the literacy skills we learn in class.  Please select an activity to complete each day and don't forget to bring your learning into school so we can see how you have got on.

Yenthe Joline Art | Disney nerd, Disney, Alternative disney princesses

In addition to the English activity booklet it would be very beneficial for the children to do a small amount of phonics and reading practice each day.


Attached below are some phase 2 (single letter sounds) and phase 3 (digraphs) flashcards for you to practise reading and writing your sounds.  Once you are confident with these sounds see if you can think of and write words containing the sounds.  You can then extend this activity to thinking of and writing sentences.

I have also attached some a sound mat, tricky word mat and handwriting guide to help you in your English activities.


The websites Oxford Owl ( and Collins Big Cat (  are excellent resources for online reading books and use many of the texts are the same or similar to the ones we use in school.  Both websites are completely free to use for online reading and you can search for books by colour band so you can choose the level you are reading in class.  

Lilac - non word picture books and initial sounds (Phase 1 phonics)

Pink - Single letter sounds (Phase 2 phonics)

Red - Introducing digraphs (Phase 3 phonics)

Yellow - Longer texts and introducing alternative phonetic sounds (Phase 4 and 5 phonics)

Blue - Alternative phonetic sounds including split digraphs (Phase 5 phonics)