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Design and technology

At Abberley Primary School, design and technology is taught discretely for two hours a week for three half-terms across a two-year rotation. However, our design and technology curriculum is also linked closely to our science, computing and RE curriculums where many aspects are covered in a connected way (please see the whole school curriculum overview).

Children develop a wealth of understanding and knowledge associated with mechanisms and mechanical systems, structures, textiles, electrical systems and food.

Our planning follows the sequences of learning produced by the Design and Technology Association Projects. More details about this can be found at Design and technology Association

Details of the key concepts which are revisited and the disciplinary and substantive knowledge covered across our curriculum can be found in the progression framework below.

Design and technology at Abberley is fun and productive and children have the opportunity to develop their creativity and reflective practice as they design, build and evaluate their products, using their developing technical knowledge.